The ADAM Family of Quebec

    ADAM surname history from the Biblical personal name Adam, which was born, according to Genesis, by the first man. It is the generic Hebrew term for 'man', probably from Hebrew adama 'earth'. In the 1600's my line was still located in France, but research shows that the origin of the surname dates as far back as the 11th Century in Scotland and England. This site documents my descendancy from Jean Baptiste Adam born about 1644 in Brienon, close to Auxerre in Burgundy, France. It is from Jean Adam that I trace his descendancy down to my paternal grandfather Jean Marie Adam born in 1918. The site is filled with census records, birth & death records, photos, stories, ancestry pedigree charts, family group sheets and an abundance of information I have uncovered in my research, so please look around. The surname ADAM is a very noble and honorable name I am proud to share with an amazing group of people across the world that I call family.