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I will be adding more information to this site as I uncover it. If you have any information that you think I can use, please feel free to contact me. I know very little about the Kosiba side once I get back to Poland.

Kazimierz "Charles" Kosiba was born in Kryg, Gorlice, Poland on January 24, 1891. His mothers name was listed as Antonina but no father is listed. He arrived in America aboard the SS Prinz Ozkar traveling from Hamburg, Germany to Philadelphia, PA where his friend Pawel Wantuch & sister Stanislawa picked him up and took him to their final destination in Lisbon, ME. Lisbon was once known as the most "Industrialized Town in Maine" because of the large cotton mills that dominated the business.

Charles Kosiba along with Pawel Wantuch and his family later the next year moved to Manchester, Hillsborough, NH, for reason unknown. I can only guess that it was in the hopes of finding a better job paying higher wages. Charles in 1914 married Mary Oleszkiewicz in Manchester, NH. In the year 1917, on his WWI draft card, he is listed as living in Worcester, Massachusetts. By the 1920 US Census, Charles and family were living in Uxbridge, MA where they stayed the rest of their lives.

Charles was my great grandfather, and although I don't remember him well, I am learning more about him every day. He worked at Warcantuck Woolen Mill in Uxbridge, MA for many years, and liked spending time taking care of his lawn and garden. When not digging in his garden, he operated a lawnmower sharpening business. He was married to his wife Mary for 56 years. He was also the recording secretary of the Polish American Citizen's Club on Mendon Street where they were both members. They attended St Mary's Church and are both buried in St Mary's Cemetery on Granite Road in Uxbridge, MA.