Welcome to my MACKER Website

This website is a tribute to the life and ancestry of Hester Idel Macker, my grandmother and the current matriarch of our family. Our search has only begun to find the imprints of our ancestors' steps upon this earth. The stories here are meant as an honoring, a celebration, of the lives of our loving ancestors, may they rest in peace.

"To the world, you just might be one person, but to that one person, you just might be the world."


Each of us knows a hero, a person we admire, someone who inspires us, a role-model, someone who brings us hope and joy, who admirably stands among us to help us through troubled times. I would like to dedicate this site to one of my heroes, my grandmother Hester Idel (Macker) Kosiba.


Her lineage traces back to veterans and patriots of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. She is a "Daughter of the Revolution". Her ancestors fought for our country, our freedoms, and helped shape our way of life. Most of her ancestors have been in this country for over 300 years. They were some of the earliest settlers.


True to her lineage, she is a woman of strong will, intelligence, dedication, honor, principle, courage, compassion, kindness and faith. She is a woman that lives for today, who refuses to sit still and let life pass her by.